VIPITY is FREE for your business to use.
 • If you follow the program guidelines on collecting the convenience fees. 
  • If you maintain at least 1 customer transaction in the program.       
We Do All the Work—You Get All the Credit!
 • Vipity works through the ACH Network (Automated Clearing House).
 • We are expert in ACH  and electronic payment solutions
     processing payments since 1992.
 • We handle all the technical details for your business.

Why VIPITY Works
 qualifies potential customers who:
   1. don’t have or want credit cards or interest payments or
   2. are selected by you as a potential sale that wouldn't have                     otherwise taken place.

The program offers three flexible payment  frequencies: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, with low convenience fees.
   The program parameters are 90 days and up to $2000.00. 
   Purchase price may not exceed 50% of the customer’s net monthly      household income.

The V.I.P. Payment Program for Auto Repair 
                       Auto Repair Facilities
Offer your customers financial aid for auto repairs with Vipity. We know what your customers's options are, and what we offer is nothing like anything you've ever seen before. This is not a loan.

This is NOT a credit card with credit card qualification requirements. In fact, this program can substantially reduce or even eliminate your monthly credit card fees altogether.

Financing auto repairs can be difficult for some customers.
​​Vipity is a great alternative to financing auto repair work so that your customer can get their car back on the road…when they need it. This flexible payment option does not subject your customer to an invasive, humiliating credit check. 

Vipity Auto Repair Payment Plan – Customer Benefits
  • A $70 Convenience Fee is paid by the customer instead of interest.
  • No more delaying or rejecting needed repairs.
  • 90 days to pay – makes the purchase more affordable.
  • No Credit Check – not on your customer – not on your business.
  • No Credit Bureau Reporting – confidential and discreet.
  • Keeps other lines of credit available for other personal use.
  • Split purchases into phases making them more affordable.
Vipity Auto Repair Payment Plan – Business Benefits
  • NO Merchant Discount Rate – No hidden charges
    ​No Complicated forms.
  • Costs the Business NOTHING to use .
  • Save money over other payment options.                                STOP paying for cuatomer financing!
  • No long-term complicated contracts.
  • No special equipment required – just use                                   your computer and fax machine.
  • Put the credit card processors share in your pocket for a change.
  • No more tension between you and the customer over finances.
          90 Days to Pay ~ No Interest ~ No Credit Check
If you would like to be contacted by our enrollment agent please complete and submit the form below.
This has nothing to do with checks - post-dated or ​otherwise, and there is no equipment to buy or lease.
We Make  Auto Repairs Affordable. The customer pays only a one time $70 Convenience Fee to have their payments accepted and guaranteed.
Everything you need to know to decide if this
​program is right for your business is right here.
Finally...a payment plan your customers can afford and quaify for.
Brand New Program Officially Launched May 1st. Introducing ... VIPITY
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